Homoeopathy is a branch of medicine originated in Germany in 1790.The founder of homoeopathy is DR.SAMUEL HAHNEMANN.Dr.Hahnemann was a Renaissance genius.Homoeopathy is more than 200 yrs old system which is a very elaborate and very detailed medicinal science based upon the principle-SIMILIA SIMILIBUS CURUNTUR which acts by stimulating the body to heal itself.Its non toxic,highly effective against both acute and chronic diseases . The homoeopathic medicines are prepared from natural sources and there are no chemicals as such.Homoeopathic remedies and pharmacies are regulated by the FDA.

Now a days more and more of people are opting for homoeopathy as here in homoeopathy you will have permanent cure of your disease and no side effects.The duration of treatment may be long but once the disease will get cured it will be from the root.Contrary to the conventional medicine,the action of homoeopathy is much safer,deep acting,somewhat slower ,and results much longer lasting by energizing the body’s curative power.



HOMOEOPATHIC TREATMENT begins after the doctor takes your detail case history.The doctor will study your disease symptoms ,personal traits,physical and psycological state,and life history. After the history taking your case will be analyzed and evaluated according to homoeopathic principles and the medicine the doctor will decide will be the constitutional medicine for your disease.No two patients with same disease will be given the same medicine.The medicine changes from person to person and depends entirely from case to case.

For example,two patients with asthma will not recieve the same medicine ,and two people with different disease may get the same medicine. There are no patent medicine in homoeopathy as homoeopathic treatment belives that-treat the man and not the disease,if the man is treated then the disease will get cured permanently.

So patients are adviced to not to self medicate homoeopathic medicines and neither go for homoeopathic patents,homoeopathic cough syrups,homoeopathic creams and ointments nowadays available in market as they are not according to homoeopathic principles and may give side effects.

how homoeopathy works

The simplest way to explain will be that homoeopathy works by stimulating the body’s own defense mechanism and thus stimulating the body to heal itself. Homoeopathic medicines are non-toxic and has no side effects.Homoeopathy not only works at physical level of your body but also at your emotional ,mental and spiritual level .It helps you to come to a balanced state at all these levels.Now a days we have growing casesof psychosomatic group of disease(physical disease which has its origin at mind (but investigation reports do not see any cause to disease).Homoeopaty has very good result in such diseases as these medicines have got power to go deep into emotional and mental levels of the patient and maintain a harmony.It has got very good scope in such diseases.

At MENTAL LEVEL diseases due to excessive stress homoeopathic medicines will help by increasing resistance to stress etc….Also at PHYSICAL LEVEL homoeopathic medicines are very efficient to treat many acute as well as chronic disease.

For example,in case of hypothyroid where your thyroid gland is not able to produce thyroid hormone here homoeopathy medicines will stimulate your thyroid gland to naturally produce thyroid hormone. In arthritis where the cartilage of your bones are damaged here homoeopathy medicines will stimulate the body to repair the cartilages and you will have permanent cure of diseases .This hold similarly true for many of chronic diseases. In acute disease for example ,in a case of disease which is caused by an infection,homoeopathic medicines will stimulate the production of antibodies,defence blood cells etc.. Homoeopathic medicines balances the patient at his physical ,mental,emotional levels and makes patient generally healthy,less prone to diseases and make patient more energetic and active.

What can homoeopathy do for you

Homoeopathy has a tremendous scope for all kind of diseases ,and has proved to be efficient as a system of medicine Homoeopathy is beneficial to diseases of people of all walks of life;to newborn,children,woman,men,old people,pregnant woman .Its very useful in many types of acute,chronic ,incurable,genetic diseases. Its found very useful in cases of long standing and recurring diseases like psoriasis,asthma,bronchitis,ecema,kidney stone,sinusitis,rheumatic arthritis,osteoarthritis,menstrual disorders,ulcerative colitis, etc…

Also in many surgical diseases like fibroids,ovarian cysts,PCODs,gall stones,joint replacemet cases,prostrate enlargement etc…and surgery can be avoided and can change the life of patients.. Also useful in many incurable and genetic diseases and goes true for most of chronic diseases. Homoeopathy will help you by permanently curing your diseases and will give you-

  • 1. A good quality of life
  • 2. Its also cost effective
  • 3. It can avoid surgery in many cases
  • 4. Increases your resistance power
  • 5. Balances your mental emotional sphere
  • 6. Feel more active and energetic in general

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